Antique Swords and Daggers, Antique Pistols and Guns, Antiquities and Pre Columbian Art

Featured Items

Ancient Chinese Ceramic Ewer, Five Dynasties

Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Bronze Incense-Burner

Antique 18th century Flintlock Pistol Gun

Antique Chinese Tang Dynasty Mythical Unicorn

Antique Chinese Zhou Dynasty Bronze Ge Axe


Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Dragon Belt Hook

Antique Chinese Jade Necklace

Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Embroidered Silk Robe

Antique Jambiya Silver Arab Islamic Dagger Arabic 18th

Antique Austrian Hunting Sword Silver mounted Hanger


Antique Cannon European Iron Mortar Gun 17th century

Antique huge Turkish Ottoman Islamic Mace 17th -18th c

Antique Chinese Bronze Bell Yuan Ming Dynasty 14th-15th

Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirror Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD

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