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Yohenkin Shino Chawan by Suzuki Tomio Yohenkin Shino Chawan by Suzuki Tomio
Chawan by Toshiro (Ohi Chozaemon X) Chawan by Toshiro (Ohi Chozaemon X)

David Callens

Kami-cho 2-2-6, Ageo-shi
Saitama-ken, Japan 362-0037

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Shino Chawan by Suzuki Tomio

Vessels.jp is an online gallery where ceramic enthusiasts come to look for exquisite Japanese potteries. Conveniently located in Tokyo, we are at the center of the world's pottery paradise.
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Exquisite Japanese Ceramics

Specialized in chawan (tea bowls), we try to provide a great selection of high quality ceramics difficult to find outside of Japan. We present pieces by craftsmen long gone to contemporary artists, known and unknown. The list of potters represented include Ema Hiroshi, Suzuki Goro, Suzuki Tomio, Unokawa Kazumasa, Watanabe Aiko and Yamaguchi Takeshi. Although we particularly favor Shino and Raku chawan (tea bowls), and Oribe wares, we wish to reach as far and wide as we can, for the collectors' benefit. Please inquire about our interest free payment plan for some of the listed pieces. Vous pouvez également nous contacter en français. Japan Antique Dealer license #302170406396 日本語でのお問い合わせはこちらまでお願いします callentis@hotmail.com


Chawan by Ohi Choraku VIII

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