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Longquan celadon ceramic pottery for collection, eatate decoration                       ESHYI Celadon Art
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Chinese Kingfisher Feather Wedding Headdress Crown Hat Chinese Kingfisher Feather Wedding Headdress Crown Hat
Chinese Jizhou Black Glaze Foliated Rim Bowl & Celadon Chinese Jizhou Black Glaze Foliated Rim Bowl & Celadon

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Welcome to ESHYI Celadon Art on-line store, the most comprehensive collection of contemporary celadon artwork from Longquan City, Zhejiang Province in China.

We specialized in dealing the award-winning masterpiece from Chinese National and Provincial Art and Craft Masters.

Browse our catalog and see anything that interests you. Contact us if you know the item but can not find it in our product list. We will be glad to do the search for you at Longquan.

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The only celadon piece on earth....... About Longquan Celadon

Longquan celadon was used in royal courts of ancient China. During Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644) Longquan celadon was introduced to Europe. Due to its exquisite beauty and jade-like feature, the celadon was valued as gold at that time. Why is it known in the western world as 'celadon’? Celadon was the hero of the French writer Honore Urfe's romance L' Astree (1610) the lover of the heroine Astree. He was represented as a young man in green and his dress became all the rage in Europe. And it was just about this time that the Chinese green ceramics made its debut in Paris and won acclaim. People compared its color to Celadon's suit and started to call the porcelain "celadon", and the name spread to other countries.......

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