Longquan celadon ceramic pottery for collection, eatate decoration                       ESHYI Celadon Art
About Us

Welcome to ESHYI Celadon Art, the ultimate treasure collection for seasoned collectors who appreciate contemporary celadon artwork and antique reproduction from Longquan City, Zhejiang Province in China.

ESHYI Celadon Art founded by overseas Chinese with Longquan origin in 2006. With the objective to promote current National/Provincial Arts & Crafts Masterís celadon artwork through electronic commerce, we at ESHYI carry comprehensive collections in inventory and build intensive connection to contemporary celadon artists at Longquan. We position ourselves as the leading agency and promote modern Longquan celadon artwork to international societies. At ESHYI we commit to our customer by providing best quality of artwork and value of money invested.

Please feel free to browse our collection and find the items that interest you. We welcome your feedback and comments on our artwork and service.

Exhibition Center:

8C50, No. 2299 Yan An West Road
Shanghai 200336

TEL: (+86) 21 6236-1321
FAX: (+86) 21 6236-1331
E-Mail: ESHYIceladonart@gmail.com


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