Longquan celadon ceramic pottery for collection, eatate decoration                       ESHYI Celadon Art


Recently we at ESHYI Celadon Art Limited find some plagiarizers who steal our copyrighted photo images, web-page contents and presentations for their own use. The illegal behaviors from plagiarizers not only confuse our clients but also mislead them to poor objects or even counterfeit. In order to prevent the traps ESHYI Celadon Art Limited urge your attention in all business processes while buying Longquan celadon artworks from us:

1. ESHYI Celadon Art Limited is an Internet based company that conducts business internationally. We do not associate with any affiliates or branches that use business identity other than ESHYI Celadon Art Limited.

2. The wording we describe our celadon artwork that based on the artistís illustration and our own opinion. If you find something similar to our content but inconsistent within, most likely the cut-and-paste paragraphs are messed by the plagiarizer who doesnít own in-depth knowledge.

3. We at ESHYI Celadon Art Limited use precise photo images to highlight every details of the artwork. Please use the unique characters of each photo to identify the reality.

4. Ask any questions through our e-mail address at ESHYIceladonart@gmail.com before you buy. Ask for institutional reference from us in case you are buying for museum or gallery.

5. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) provides commercial banking service to ESHYI Celadon Art Limited. We accept U.S. Dollar and all major currencies from clients. The HSBC international presence also helps our clients to assure ESHYI business identity and transaction security.


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