Adding Pictures to Listings

Using "Hidden" Listings

With TROCADERO, you won't need to divide your energies between site management and picture hosting. Pictures (for catalogue accounts) are uploaded directly to the TROCADERO server and your listings automatically link them in - with a single process. Adding your pictures to your upload is no different than attaching them to email.

You save more than just time spent managing your files elsewhere. You won't need to spend nearly as much time editing your pictures either. Simply upload them in JPG format after editing for quality and TROCADERO will do the rest. We resize your pictures for enlargement, informational and thumbnail pages. In fact, if you do not require different views for your informational and thumbnail pages, TROCADERO automatically makes those pictures from your primary enlargement.

Business accounts are provided a mid-size illustration and a thumbnail for each listing. E-Commerce accounts may further illustrate an item with up to six enlargement views. Enterprise accounts enjoy miniature thumbnails, also created automatically and hosted by TROCADERO, affording enhanced user-friendliness and greater detail of illustration. Visitors may preview up to twelve views of an item before making the decision to view a larger picture.

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