"Sales Policy" page

"Show Schedule" page

All TROCADERO accounts are afforded supporting pages. Among other custom configuration features availabe to members of different account levels, this feature is accessible in the "Configure" area of our Catalogue Maintenance utility.

Supporting Pages that a member may set up include topics such as Sales Policy, Show Schedule, Seeking to Buy, About Us, Current Promotions, Travel Schedule, FAQ's and more.

Like other TROCADERO Catalogue Maintenance features, the Supporting Pages feature is easy to use. A member simply selects the topic desired, accesses a work area, and types their message into a specified area on the screen. When finished and submitted, the page is created automatically with the "look and feel" of the member's site design. When the member's catalogue is next updated, links appear to their Supporting Pages from every page within their catalogue.

Other ancillary pages linked to from a member's listings include a guestbook and (for E-Commerce and Enterprise accounts) a secure order and inquire form.

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