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You are welcome to take the tour to become familiar with Express Storefront. But you must register before you can actually create a homepage. You will be directed to login before using the feature. You should register only if you will setup an appropriate merchant site with TROCADERO. If you are not sure, please ask. We will promptly remove improper sites.

If you are not comfortable with this process (or do not have a dialup account or email) you may contact us and make arrangments to have us register you manually for a $75 fee. This will include one pass at setting your homepage and a personal introduction to our catalog maintenance features. Please include your telephone number and your email address.

These pages will guide you through the process of creating a home page on TROCADERO. Completion of "Contact Info" would be required even if you intend to subsequently provide us with your own custom design. If you wish to provide your own design please (1) confirm with us in advance, (2) complete at least the section for "Contact Info" and (3) inform us when you have completed this. You may also inquire with us if you would like us to design a custom homepage for your use with this feature.

Express Storefront messaging and processes are optimal for later generation Explorer browsers (and most recently released Netscape versions). Integrated AOL browsers may encounter errors but these should not impede completion of the process.

PROCEED: Click HERE to tour Express Storefront.

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