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Finette Lemaire
Reguliersgracht 80
1017 LV Amsterdam

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Galerie Lemaire was founded around 1933 by M.L.J. Lemaire, the grandfather of the present owner, Finette Lemaire. He was one of the first dealers in Tribal Art in Amsterdam. The gallery speciliazes in tribal art from Indonesia, Oceania and Africa. It is now situated at the Reguliersgracht and can be visited on Thurday, Friday and Saturday or by appointment. See for more object
Galerie Lemaire in Amsterdam

The gallery is located in the center of Amsterdam, and has a large collection of tribal art. Many unique pieces are on display, with the main focus on objects from New Guinea, Oceania and Indonesia. You kan also find objects from China, Japan and Inuit. Contact Galerie Lemaire if you are looking for a specific object or objects from a certain region.

Galerie Lemaire

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