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""Authenticity and dating:"" We have been into Himalayan tribal art collection since now 25 years and we still remain more collectors than dealers. However, we believe that we have a very precise idea of what we are selling. We guaranty our pieces as authentic, which means they have been made for local use and not made recently, in the last 20 years, especially for tourist business. Nevertheless, it remains very difficult to give a precise estimate of the age for tribal pieces. You must have in mind that masks from XVIII and XIX century are very scarce, moreover not all of them are master pieces...and e-bay is flooded with masks from XIX or earlier at no reserve price… it is up to you to believe or not, but Christmas is only on 25th December .. mostly for kids. Masks from mid 20 th century and up to the 1970 could be considered as fully original and you still can find interesting masks to start a collection for very reasonable prices. So our dating range is given as the minimum age to the best of our knowledge."
" ""Our limits:"" Moreover some excellent fakes are appearing now on the market since few years, our annual or biannual travels to Nepal and permanent contacts with favourite dealers are of a great safety to keep informed of the new tricks. However any expert can sometime be wrong and from this long experience we learned to be modest. Whether you like or not the style of the pieces presented in our site is a matter of personal taste. Finally, we also know that pictures can be misleading in both ways. "
" ""Return policy:"" Therefore we will accept any return with any reason within 2 weeks after receiving the pieces, obviously, the pieces has to be in the same condition (...no cleaning ...no restoration...etc ). You will have to pay for returning fees. After a longer time, we could not accept any return but we still could accept exchange on a mutual agreement. A certificate of origin will be joined to any purchase when the sale becomes definitive.

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