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Kevin's Fine Oriental Art

Fine & Rare 18th C Qianlong Mark & Period Enameled Bowl

Fine & Rare Jiaqing Mark & Period Blue & White Tray

Superb Qianlong Mark Period Gilt Coral Ground Wine Cup

Fine & Rare Chinese Xuantong Mark & Period Lotus Cup

Fine & Rare 19C Chinese Famille-Rose Yuhuchunping Vase


Very Fine 18th C Qianlong Period Chinese Realgar Glass Snuff Bottle

Fine & Superb 19th/20th C Chinese Jadeite Snuff Bottle & Stopper

Fine & Rare 17th C Signed & Dated Chinese Bronze Snuff Bottle, AD 1650

Magnificent & Large 18th C Chinese Ox-Blood Glazed Yuhuchunping Vase

Superb & Very Rare 19th C Chinese Famille-Rose Boys Vase


Fine & Rare 16th C Chinese Ming Dynasty Jade Carving of Bat & Fruit

Fine 18th / 19th C Chinese White Jade Carving of Buddha's Hand Citrus

Fine Superb Qing Dynasty Chinese White & Russet Jade Carving of Bixie

Fine Quality Chinese Qianlong Mark Cloisonne Enameled Snuff Bottle

Superb 18th C Chinese Qianlong Period Cloisonne Enameled Snuff Bottle


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