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Sales Policy

Kumi Arts of Japan is committed to providing you 100% satisfaction with your purchases . We represent our merchandise to the best of our expertise and unconditionally guarantee the accuracy of our information .The origin , date , condition , and all representations regarding the merchandise can always be be thoroughly trusted and fully verified .

Please feel free to contact us with any requests for further information on our items . We will gladly supply more photos or details regarding the history and condition of the pieces . We want you to be sure of your choice before you make the purchase .


All purchases are guaranteed for seven days from the date of your receipt of them . Any returns must be initiated by that time . Our return policy is extremely generous and the terms are based on the particular reason for the return .


Shipping costs are in addition to the price of the item . All items are shipped fully insured . Please let us know your preferred method of shipping and we will provide you the estimated costs .


Payment may be made through PayPal or Google Checkout , allowing all major credit cards to be accepted and providing you complete security . Please call or e-mail us for any alternative method of payment .

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us for any reason , we are available at your convenience and encourage your interest and value your patronage.


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