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Portrait of a dignitary in a yellow robe.

A large agate ring, probably Warring States

A fragment of brocaded silk- probably Yongzheng period

A rare Ming sweet-meat box

A rare document-box with brass weaving- Early Qing


A Ming period cabinet - ca. 1600

A pair of Southern Official's Hat armchairs - ca.1700

Gold brocaded dragon- Kangxi ca. 1700

Gold brocaded silk- early Qing - excellent condition.

A Cizhou type bowl - Jin period


Siwa culture pot, 14th-11th C. B.C.- large example

A kang stone- 19th or 18th century

A cast iron burner- Jiajing mark & period

Lions & Phoenixes- 16th C. Ming

A Qingbai type of bowl, Northern Song


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