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AUCTION NEWS - Button collectors it Ends 3/22/15!

Bid on a set of four antique Chinese silver food dog lion or dragon motif figural picture buttons. See item# 1287790.

PAST AUCTION: One or both lots of antique picture buttons never seen the internet light of day that include 14: Train Tunnel, Charter Oak, Mill Tower Bridge, Neptune Horses, FOPs table, Putto Fountain, Angel Swing, Angel Wall, Sheba, Eliezar Well, Putto Dragonfly, Fan Hand, Bird Fence Steel, Paris back Wolf Crane and Lot B of 60+ berries in pewter, brass, glass, black dragon, steel brass escutcheon thru wood in steel cup - mother daughter, plus so much more!

A vintage reverse painted horse in essex crystal sporting pin.

A signed sterling silver 18mm Nevada Lapis necklace, in lush sage green and pink faceted mottled 18mm Nevada Lapis and 8mm green Ruby in Zoisite to make up this 700 carats, 5.2 Oz, 149 Grams 20" carefully knotted Necklace for all season wear. Hand knotted - no cable to break. Handknotting shows care, provides fluidity and safeguards against loss of beads. Big 18mm beads - no chips!

For English enamel sterling silver collectors - look at this Birmingham letters, Ltd. anchor, lion and L marks on this quintessential Art Deco intact black and white top or lid with glossy bermuda blue inside. 35 grams.

Bid on any two of three pair of Mexican Taxco Mexico sterling silver SB earrings that include: A green "jade" in concentric circle design seen on Fred Davis jewelry; a butterfly and black onyx, and a pair with the assay mark of 23 shared by Sigi, Gerardo Lopez, Neiman Marcus, Tango, et al or could be assay 23 shared by Goodspeed, Lopez and Popowski.

An antique Chinese export carved one piece green jade saddle ring.

PAST AUCTION: ornate necklace and earrings set that could easily be imagined around the neck of TV Reign's Mary Queen of Scots or at the very least on one of her ladies in waiting. While the stampings were produced years ago in local mills, the jewelry costume capital of the world up until recent years, the high karat gold and silver plating - also done by local plating families for decades, is all new per this maker's specs. A signed image will accompany this set. Please go to to bid on these and other well selected Far East Asian works.

For a bit of info regarding the local mills and platers you may wish to read:
the 17th entry at:

ART NEWS: There are two local art shows not to be missed:
Button Collectors:
Look for monthly antique button auctions here at! Simply enter on to any catalog page and click the: Show Schedule link at mid left of any catalog page for more info, or simply search: auction.
You are cordially invited to attend The Reading Art Association Fall Art Exhibit and Sale on 11/8/13 through 11/10/13 in Reading, MA where you will find over 100 paintings for your holiday gift giving ideas or to enrich your living or work space. You will also be able to view and collect five of my market fresh signed oil paintings signed Mimi Dee. For more info please visit or We are happy to be celebrating our 12th year in December here at Trocadero!
MIMI DEE ARTWEAR OCTOBER 2013 NEWSLETTER __________________________________________________________________
My entry titled: Ann's Gift, is a 16x20 oil on linen painting housed in a rich gold frame. For a quick preview please search: 1217144 here at
MIMI DEE ARTWEAR AUGUST 2013 NEWSLETTER ________________________________________________________________

Dear friends, visitors and collectors,

In May I broke both my right foot and left ankle forcing me to wear a cast on each foot thus making access to my office impossible. This latest will only serve to limit my infrequent outings even more than before. Imagine all these weeks without access to the internet! Unable to list, let alone photograph a single item to add to my catalog here at

Worst of all, not a single oil painting was produced because I prefer to paint standing up, and that just was not possible.

The only piece I was able to muster, was a self pitying small pencil drawing titled: "My Broken Feet". I don't see that as a painting anytime soon.

With at least two months of physical therapy on the horizon, new listings may be slow to show. It is for this reason that your patience is requested. When you wish to reserve an item please call:
978 975 5148 1-7 pm EST. Please leave your voicemail.
Thank you kindly, Mimi
You are cordially invited to attend The Reading Art Association Spring Art Exhibit and Sale on 5/3/13 through 5/5/13 in Reading, MA...

To our clients and visitors here at

We would like to thank you for seeking to collect my studio art works under GALLERY OF ORIGINALS BY MIMI DEE

From time to time gremlins grab the controls and mix vintage jewelry with my own new signed studio jewelry. When it has happened Trocadero worked diligently to correct the confusion.

Should it happen again, to find my work, please enter or copy and paste any of these in the search field as follows:

studio not vintage
earrings not vintage
gold not vintage
silver not vintage
copper not vintage
necklace not vintage
bracelet not vintage
pin not vintage
ring not vintage
pendant or set not vintage
24k gp
designer original

For my paintings or sculpture please enter or copy and paste the following in the search field:
show or juried or label not vintage

Thank you for collecting my signed works!


MIMI DEE ARTWEAR NEWSLETTER August 2009 - In press release format


Watching elusive butterfly jewels in our gardens, can conjure up playful childhood memories of yearning to possess those garden jewels if only to examine them closely and try wearing them in one's hair. Speaking from that youthful girl perspective, the iridescent wings did indeed look like gems that could make any little girl squeal with delight and want to own a jewelry box full.

A century ago some did indeed wear them as evidenced by the very collectible vintage butterfly wing jewelry found in numerous antique jewelry sites. One can only hope that they were harvested and that none or few flying gems were sacrificed!

Today, you can still enjoy wearing butterfly motif jewelry. Mimi, a self taught metalwork jewelry artist who has always worked alone and in the modernist tradition, enjoys forging then signing the occasional butterfly metalwork sculpture to be worn as a conversation piece of jewelry. Some of her 10 oz+ sterling sculptures are collected as juried fine art sculpture to be placed in a collector’s case. She hand shapes and hammers the sterling or gold fill form, then adds the gems and gemstones for color and extra value.

To own a signed Mimi Dee metalwork jewelry piece, is to own the only one.

Besides finding vintage butterfly wing jewelry made in faraway places so long ago, Ms Dee’s signed work can be found by visiting, and under the gallery link. Collectors of signed jewelry may well find Ms Dee’s work for acquisition before she publishes her own book.

MIMI DEE ARTWEAR NEWSLETTER JULY 2009 - In press release format


What is studio jewelry?

With the economy as it is, competition in high gear and the overabundance of all things jewelry, is it any wonder that words once used to describe artists and their work have become buzz words for mass marketing. One does not have far to go to find thousands and thousands of jewelry made overseas and touted as studio jewelry when in reality this common jewelry, no matter how beautiful, has earned its place in the designers' circle by virtue of the mass production reality, no matter how famous the designer.

You have heard the words, ‘one of a kind, handmade jewelry, each piece made by hand by an artisan, we have sold 500 and have 600 more available!’ That's the definition of studio? NO!

Neither a collage nor an assemblage of pre fab parts a studio piece make!

Let us go back to the late 1800’s to the Arts & Crafts movement then to the Mid 20th Century Modernists era to examine the real “studio jewelry” definition. This was signed metalwork jewelry that the artists hand fabricated with their own hands from beginning to end, in their own studio, most often without the use of prefabricated materials. That some often incorporated gemstones or old found objects as part of their design, did not remove them from the “studio jewelry” realm.

Now as then, those gems and old found objects are a very small percentage of the finished piece; the focus being that 90% of the art piece be formed by the artists' own hands when she cuts her own metal pieces from precious metal sheets or wire from spools. Even each chain link should be cut and handformed by the artist to qualify for the Studio title. Purist? Why, yes!

The artists' work should have been entered in juried art shows and the artist having participated in and belonged to known, established art associations.

If it is being 'handmade' by others, overseas, offered for wholesale, appearing in fab, famous store catalogs and/or sold by the 1000s, made for or by famous runway designer houses, then it has advanced to being classified as designer jewelry. This is NOT studio jewelry.

Stamped, cast or pre made components are not part of the Studio reality. Studio jewelry begins and ends at the artist's bench.

When artists, after years of hard work, have become so successful that they must employ others to make or finish their designs, then let them be proud, let them own it and rejoice! They have arrived! But it is time for the artist turned designer/entrepreneur to graduate and let go of that word "Studio" by removing it from their descriptions.

More than ever it is imperative that the distinction be drawn today. Let us continue to examine what is definitely NOT studio jewelry: the use of pre fab, imported metal components on any piece of jewelry whose metal was NOT completely hand fabricated from beginning to end by the original artist at their own USA studio bench. Once he or she hires anyone to create or complete the piece, it ceases to be Studio Jewelry!

Mimi’s work can be found by visiting, and under the gallery link. Collectors of signed jewelry may well find Ms Dee’s work for acquisition before she publishes her own book.
MIMI DEE ARTWEAR NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009 - In press release format


Besides vintage jewelry being featured in this gallery shop, Ms. Dee’s own signed, hand wrought, metalwork jewelry, which she fabricates in the Modernist tradition, can be reviewed by the collector of signed studio jewelry.

Oddly enough Mimi has been fabricating jewelry in this manner for years, not knowing who the Modernists were until she joined Trocadero a few years ago. Her education in mid century Modernism continued when she perused Modern Silver Magazine’s Mystery Marks and Silver Forum pages while searching for those pesky unidentifiable marks that many a vintage jewelry dealer is apt to encounter.

Mimi, a self taught artist and working in near isolation for years, has been hand fabricating her primitive studio jewelry in the modernist tradition from beginning to end without the use of imported nor pre fabricated components; nor the use of power tools often leaving tool marks intact. The sterling, gold, gold fill or copper hand hammered sculptural pieces, which she often forms from one piece of metal without soldering, may remain unadorned for years until she weaves in gemstones from faraway places or antique elements.

She feels that her education of the mid century Modernist is more complete now that she has acquired and read autographed book copies of MODERNIST JEWELRY and the latest FORM & FUNCITON by Marbeth Schon, owner and author of Modern Silver Magazine. Mimi’s work can be found by visiting, and under the gallery link. Collectors of signed jewelry may well find Ms Dee’s work for acquisition before she publishes her own book.
Happy Thanksgiving!

During the Summer and early Fall while frustrated about world events, the high price of precious metals and the drop of the Dow Jones, I hammered copper with wild abandon, until my hands ached.

Reinjuring my right hand due to the self taught trial/errors and unwise handling of the hammer, all I can do now is barely hold my paint brushes. So where are these hammered copper pieces of jewelry? Where are these paintings?

All the signed, hammered copper parures and various necklaces, earrings, cuffs and rings will be accompanied by my signed, handpainted presentation boxes. These boxes still need to be finished prior to photographing and listing. If you are a current collector of my work and wish to preview the newest signed copper studio work, please call 978 975 5148 and leave a voice mail.

What about the paintings? If you are a current collector of my work and wish to preview them, please call. A few landscape watercolors were painted as well.

Hopefully, sunny skies will allow photographing of this more recent work. Oh, speaking of sunny skies, Mimi Dee Artwear's 2008 new clients, preferred repeat clients, art collectors who collect my work, collectors who have left testimonial feedbacks and Trocadero dealers, all who have acquired pieces from have been mailed hand written, hand addressed greeting cards with a reduced print of an signed original watercolor titled: "Birches and Sunny Skies". The original is available for purchase. Please search #841261 or scroll down to lower left of any catalog page under the Paintings and Sculpture link.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage and for sharing my site and my work with your good friends, Mimi.
Having been raised on and lived through devastating hurricanes on the Texas Gulf Coast, now living in New England, I have watched the destruction of lives and property that Ike has brought upon those brave and hardy people. That there were not deaths in the 1000s is testament to the preparation and self reliance instilled in early childhood.

Just knee high to a grasshopper, I can still remember putting up our hurricane maps and mapping the coordinates. It was a frightening yet important character building science lesson for a child!

We knew we lived in hurricane country; we prepared!

Interesting isn't it that Ike's vast damage both in the Galveston area and up in the other states does not seem to merit more attention and coverage yet we continue to hear about another one of years past?

These IKE victims are of different stock as they are self reliant, non complaining, salt of the earth people who roll up their sleeves, start the clean up, help their neighbors and are not seen throwing their hands up in the air.

It is for these many reasons that we should all help hurricane Ike's surviors.

In addition to personal donations, I now would like to invite Mimi Dee Artwear clients and visitors to join me in donating to Ike survivors via Salvation Army.

When mentioning IKE donation or this newsletter:

I will give you 10% off and 10% to Salvation Army on any regularly priced purchases (non lot, non net, birthday % nor other specials) through December 20th when using your US check or US Money Order.

Of course, should you wish to dontate your 10%, then 20% of your regularly priced purchase will be forwarded to that Salvation Army's hurricane fund.

All donations are made anonymously to save the charity mailing costs on subsequent requests.

Please go to and let us send much needed dollars to Ike's survivors.



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