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Art nouveau plique a jour enamel brooch - pendant

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We are currently renewing our database. We appologize for the inconvenience. Adin (Fine Antique jewelry) is an integrated antique jewelry company specializing in 19th century French antique jewelry.
We regularly carry a stock of at least 10,000 items with prices usually ranging between $300 to $1,000 although we do have pieces starting from $50 and going on up to as much as $50,000. Sales generally occur out of our prestigious Antwerp store or at regular, international antique Jewelry Fairs. Adin's online department has been active since March 1999 and has been greeted by extremely positive reviews by our online clients. Every jewel we sell has been checked by our team of experts and, where necessary, professionally restored to its former splendor. All jewels are of good quality and typical examples of their period and type.

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Absolute top notch bracelet by léon gariod with st About us
The company Adin (an ancient biblical term for fine or noble) was started in 1983 by the two partners Messrs. Henry Edel and Elkan Wijnberg. Elkan had just received his certification as a master-goldsmith while Henry had been a successful diamond merchant. Originally an antique gold and silver restoring and trading company they soon developed a taste for the nineteenth century jewellery which Elkan was specialized in. What was then a two-man operation soon grew.

Their recipe was a good one. Buy in everything you are offered. Sell the gold to cover its cost and sell the antiques for profit. They soon came to be known as the ones offering the best prices for old jewellery. A second goldsmith was brought in to be trained by Elkan and doubled the work capacity.

Adin today employs some 25 people and is steadily growing in size. We stopped repairing for thirds and the 12-men strong atelier is full-time busy restoring our own antique jewellery. While we no longer restore for outsiders we are famous for the care and authentic expertise we lavish on even the smallest jewel to bring it up to the standard our customers have come to expect from the Adin name.

Adin is a member of the prestigious 'Kamer van Antiquairs Antwerpen' (The Antwerp Chamber of Antique Dealers) and 'the Association of Estate Jewelers of the US'. Elkan personally is also a member of 'the Chamber of Experts to the Courts of Justice' in Belgium.

Meanwhile Mr. Edel has retired but remains a powerful force in the background as an adviser.

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