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Antique Japanese Shippo Cloisonne

Catalogue: Antiques: Decorative Art: Enamel: Cloisonne: Pre 1920   item# 1149002 (stock# 370AOG)

Antique Japanese Shippo Cloisonne
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This antique Japanese shippo cloisonne is fused glass on a metal base. It is crafted with multiple techniques of a generally European Art Nouveau motif.[10A, 156B] This art object is a ball-shaped covered jar with a brass conventionalized chrysanthemum knob [67C, 9D], fashioned in the Late Meiji Period. It manifests the aesthetics of floral forms and sinuous lines of the fin de siecle Art Nouveau.[46E] The techniques that the Japanese used to bring about this objet de vertu include: gin bari, for details

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