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Swatow Wucai Jar

Catalogue: Antiques: Regional Art: Asian: Chinese: Pottery: Pre 1800   item# 1105336 (stock# 252AOG)

Swatow Wucai Jar
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This Swatow Wucai (five color ware) is reputedly to be 17th Century (Late Ming) made in China's southern province of Fukien. It is crackleware with under glaze red and yellow and over glaze green, blue and brown designs. This coarse ceramic made in the late 16th and 17th Century is noteworthy for its bold ornamentation in under glazed red and over glazed green enamel. The painting is in a vigorous style. The largest subjects are the 4 roundels: two with Feng-Huang (a peacock-like bird) in re for details

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