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About Us
Artemis Gallery and the Ancient Art Market:

Artemis Ancient Art strives to acquire and offer only items in commensurately good condition for their period and style relative to other examples extant in the marketplace. We follow a very important rule: "Do not buy objects that have been significantly restored or over-painted". One should also be aware of overly restored faces in both vase painting and sculpture

Artemis Ancient Art avoids pieces that are described above, as we consign pieces to major auctions and sell only top quality objects with our own lifetime guarantee certificate. Many of our objects come to us from top auction houses such as Sothebyís, Christieís, Arte Primitivo, and Malterís. Every object purchased by Artemis Ancient Art has been legally acquired and, if imported by us into the United States, has been done so in strict compliance with all federal regulations and with full consideration of all international treaties governing objects of cultural importance.

Artemis Ancient Art works with IFAR (New York), Art Loss Register (London), Interpol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation relative to stolen works of art. Artemis Ancient Art is a member of the ANA and ANS.

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