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Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land - Ruth Amiran - Rare

Catalogue: Traditional Collectibles: Books: References: Antiques: Pre AD 1000   item# 360280

Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land - Ruth Amiran - Rare
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Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land: From Its Beginnings in the Neolithic Period to the End of the Iron Age. by Ruth Amiran - (Rare 1st Edition Copy with Dust Cover) Publisher: Massada Press 1969 Israel Edition: Hardcover Quarto, 306 pages with 350 illustrations and 101 pages of diagrammatic illustrations plus a colour frontispiece and endpaper maps. We have been fortunate enough to aquire one lovely second hand copy of this rare and excellent reference book. This copy comes complete the rare dustcover, slightly aged and with some edge damage (tears and rough edges) but in good condition. A rare and invaluable reference book (the definitive source) for collectors of Ancient HolyLand Pottery, long out of print. This book is quoted on at over US$800

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