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Current Promotions
In our Warehouse Showroom we are currently showing an exciting collection of works in clay which explore the way in which ethnic and tribal communities often combine their spiritual beliefs with objects of utility and by so doing create functional beauty in every day life.

In the warehouse itself, we are displaying for sale a collection of shields, weapons, masks and sculpture from various recently acquired collections. Many of our customers find the warehouse an exciting place to shop since it is filled with a wide variety of objects such as furniture, baskets, textiles, Asian and Tribal objects of art and paintings. In addition, we usually have an exciting selection of Objects of Personal Adornment.

Our Warehouse and Showroom is now open for shopping on the First and Third week ends of each month, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. and always open by appointment. When you feel in the mood to search for Treasures, please call us to arrange an appointment or stop in on any First or Third week end.

For directions, please visit our web site or give us a call. Our Warehouse office number is 425 516 9921. We look forward to meeting you.


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