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This is very cute, 1960's Dee Cee, Canadian Chatty Cathy doll. This brunette bob doll, wears red peppermint, this includes eyelet over blouse, red and white, striped dress, slip with stretched out waist elastic, socks and mismatched shoes (one inside fabric is wide striped, one is narrow striped. Chatty Cathy has lots of original curl to her hair. It is slightly mussed from storage. CC has figure 8 freckles, peachy pink lips and the colouring Canadian Chatty dolls are known for...
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Three Antique German Porcelain Bisque Doll Heads

Three Antique German heads are bisque. They are in excellent condition with no chips or hairlines.

1. Antique German bisque head by Schoenau Hoffmeister with blue sleep eyes.

Beautiful head with very nice painting. It has painting Eyelashes all around the eyes with four perfect porcelain teeth at the top...

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To include: Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Cock fighting, Boxing, Racing and Archery by Pirce Egon, printed in London for Sherwood Jones & Co. This wonderful sporting book is best summed up by a dedication written in the front which reads: Gentlemen, when the cloth is removed and the sparkling glass circulates round the festive board, when the mind is at ease, Hospitality the president and the guests assembled, under the banners of friendship it is then a lively tale, the sporting song and t...
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Including: the natural history of man, the orange outing, tribe of Simia, all the known quadropeals and birds fishes of the three kingdoms of nature. Vol 2, printed for the proprietor and sold by champante and whitroy and the British Divvectory office 1795. A fascinating book on evolution, in need of restoring but appears to be all there with lots of interesting colour prints
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For your consideration is a vintage Barbie sheath dress. This is Mattel's, Golden Elegance, #992 made in 1963 only. This untagged dress is a, strapless red & gold brocade dress. This is a different version of Evening Splendour #961 (1959-1964) This is much harder to find because it was made for only the one year. This example has a working YKK zipper. There is slight fraying on the inside top bodice, this is just from the unfinished edge and there are a few small threads sticking up as pictured...
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Wonderful French BEBE velvet costume with wired bonnet for JUMEAU, BRU, STEINER or other FRENCH BEBE or German Doll.

Costume fits bebe 22-23" high but please check measurements to make sure will fit your doll.

The costume is modeled by French Bebe 22-23" high.

There Is NO Doll in this listing.

This is a lovely reproduction of antique child dress from 1872.

The costume is handmade with machine and hand stitches...

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Antique Doll Place
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Wonderful French Jacquard BEBE Bustle dress with lace bonnet for French Doll

The dress is modeled by French Antique Doll 19" tall.

No doll in this listing

The dress is handmade with machine and hand stiches.

The dress is made as one piece of vintage cotton jacquard fabric with cotton embroidered lace with a lot of details. The dress is fitted to the body. The dress is decorated with gold cording, cotton embroidered lace and satin ribbon bows...

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Wonderful Dreamy and Sweet "My Girlie" made by ABG porcelain factory. Sweet Girl is 23" standing.

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck was a porcelain factory established in the Nauendorf, near Ohrdruf, Thuringia region of Germany in 1854. They started making doll heads some where between 1860-1880 and were exporting doll heads to the United States by 1882 until 1930. According to Doll Reference this mold 1362 is called "MY Girlie" and was distributed by George Borgfeldt...

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Adorable 15”(38cm) German Character Child Doll by Herm Steiner 1920 Ca+

Adorable sweet little girl with wonderful shy expression can melt your heart. She is perfect cabinet size and can be added to any collection. Wonderful beautifully painted and seldom found German Character Doll made by Hermann Steiner. Sweet Girl is 15" standing...

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Beautiful French Bebe Jumeau 1907 doll

Because of the huge Doll's size We are not able to ship this particular doll overseas.

This listing is only for USA buyers.

We apologies for any disappointments.

32" French Bisque socket head doll, steel blue paperweight glass set eyes, beautifully painted facial features, open mouth with porcelain teeth, pierced ears with earrings, ash blond mohair wig over cork pate ...

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35-inch Santa candy container dressed in custom dyed vintage flannel coat with faux ermine trim and pale blue/grey antique mohair collar. His face is highly detailed, hand painted and finished with a woolen beard. This Santa carries his own miniature feather tree with vintage glass ornaments and bees wax candles. He holds a putz sheep under his arm and his hand-woven toy pack is filled with toys from the Erzgebirge and our studio.
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DESCRIPTION: The first self-titled album from 1976 by Teaze, the Canadian hard rock band. And SEALED! This record is on the Force One label (F.O. 7001), and it features Windsor, Ontario's guitar wizard Marc Bradac, musician extraordinaire, Pawnmaster on the nationally televised Pawnathon Canada reality show, and BBQ rib sauce connoisseur...
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Mala wood Prayer beads from Lhasa with silver counter. They are from Lhasa Tibet purchased over 15 years ago. Size: 42cm X 2.
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1960 item #1236733 (stock #TIB-022)
Mala Prayer beads from Lhasa with silver counters. I am not sure what the beads are made from but they are from Lhasa Tibet purchased over 15 years ago. Size: 44cm X 2.
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Of unusual form, this compass is mounted in an octagonal piece of Bakelite or Catalin, and it is likely a paperweight or other desk accessory...
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gorgeous, butterfly brooch, composed of 14k yellow gold, genuine jadeite jade, cultured pearls . This wonderful pin measure 2 1/4 inches wide 1 1/2 inches long. Condition is excellent.
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It's easy to picture these great vintage skates hanging from a wreath or nestled at hearthside amid greenery -- but they can also be plenty useful on an ice rink or frozen pond, given their fabulous condition.

Although scarcely worn (if at all), these professional quality skates are probably around 50-60 years old -- but at least 35 years old, since they're marked "Empire Pool and Sports Arena". This ties them to a London sports facility that's been known simply as Wembley Arena since t...
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Measuring 5 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide, this delightful and quite colorful mechanical bank was manufactured by the Chad Valley Company, England, circa late 1940's.

The Chad Valley Company was the most well-known manufacturer of toys in the United Kingdom during the 20th century, beginning in the 1920s. Metal toys were first produced at their factory in 1945 at the end of World War II, which is likely the time frame for production of this bank.

The bank features a well-dressed, smiling bl...