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An Italian or Spanish burgundy velvet altar frontal embroidered with scrolling floral panels and vases of flowers. Framed dimensions: 85.5 x 238.0 cm. 16/17th cent.

Heavily worn. Large areas of the velvet were once appliqued in gold silk, now torn and fragmentary.

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Our superb lace collar from the late 19th or very early 20th century is detailed in back just as on the front. Each element of the lace - flowers, grapes, leaves and so forth - was stitched by hand onto fine, soft netting that's a beautiful color match. I'm not expert enough about textiles to be sure the lace elements are also hand-crafted, but it's certainly possible, given the design quality of the piece and the loving care it's been given...
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This Figural Album Crib Quilt is unusual in several ways. Very few Album Crib quilts were made. More rare is the depiction of people and buildings. The flora and figures are finely detailed. The composition with chintz wreaths and the Mariner's Compass center tops off the outstanding composition. It was made circa 1850; probably New York State. Pinned to the quilt was a calling card of Mrs. Jay Lee Smith...
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Log Cabins have been a popular quilt pattern for more than 150 years but few examples are as superb as this Barnraising. The fabrics; color choices and workmanship combine here to make a richly colored graphic masterpiece. The quilt was made by a Mennonite family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the late 19th century. The fabrics are fine wools; the border is well quilted with a cable pattern...
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Traditional and whimsical appliqued blocks are combined in this fine Album Quilt found in Western Pennsylvania. It is difficult to know whether it was from Maryland or Pennsylvania. The chain gating with flowers appears to be a unique variation. The whole is beautifully framed with a traditional swag and tassel border. Excellent,unwashed condition. Could be laundered to even out the white but some collectors prefer the never washed feel. Measures 96" square.
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Textiles : Quilts : Pre 1900 item #1140379
The official name of this quilt pattern is 1000 Pyramids but it does not begin to tell the story of this amazing piece. It has 40,4000 triangles on the front! The maker was clearly OCD long before the diagnosis was dreamed up. Even more amazing is that she (presumably) went on to piece the back as well. Squares making up the back are shown in thumbnail photos. Solid color orange and red fabrics are well placed throughout the quilt giving it a bit of a twinkle...
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Measure just over 17" square, this well sewn sampler depicts a typical Federal house, birds, animals, people, foliate designs, a proverb, and an elephant. In silk thread in teal, green, brown, tan, gray and white on tea stained linen, the sampler is undated, and signed by Caroline Turnbull, aged 8 years. In very good condition, there is a small hole in the lower left corner, and some stitching loss in the white floral elements in the border...
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Here is an Album Quilt like no other. It is done completely in velvets with images of fruits, flowers, animals and vegetables. The figure of a girl stands in the center. Perhaps these are some of her favorite things for who else has seen a quilt with beets; turnips; pears, oranges and carrots? It dates to the 1890's . The front is velvet with a backing of cotton sateen. They are in excellent condition. The satin binding has frayed. The quilt measures 60" x 74"...
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This LeMoyne Stars is a gem of a crib quilt. The pattern and its scale; fabrics and border combine to make this a special piece. Each star is 3" in diameter. It is professionally mounted on a stretcher that accommodates the quilt's curved corners. It measures 38" x 41 1/2" and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Condition is excellent; circa 1830. New York State origin.
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Fornasetti designs are one of those classic 20th century things that are instantly recognizable, visually potent but not over the top. This vibrant, colorful rug is a classic “Sun” design by Fornasetti, done in machine-woven 100% New Zealand wool. Louis De Poortere had a licensing agreement with Fornasetti during the 1990’s when this rug was made. This rug will be a fabulous addition to any room whether it is used on the floor or hung on a wall, as art...
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This absolutely stunning Lancaster Amish Bars quilt is one of the best I have seen. The colors are rich and work perfectly together. It is made of the very fine, lightweight wools for which the early Lancaster quilts are known. The stitching, done in black thread, is superb. The body of the quilt is done in a crosshatch pattern with flowers in the inner border and feathered scrolls in the outer border...
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This antique hand made oriental carpet measures about 4 feet by 7.5 feet (48+ inches by 92+ inches)

It is in very good condition for a carpet that dates circa 1880-1910. It is not full pile but overall it is in good condition with a few low areas, but no major damage or losses. The ends are mostly there and one end even has a selvedge wrap added to protect it. The edges have a few losses with some of the edging rewoven in spots.

It has an pattern of stars within shields or guls in...

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This is a most unusual Patriotic Quilt on two counts. The flags are set in reverse which signifies going into combat. When cavalry officers carried flags, the stars pointed forward and the stripes flowed behind. From this came the tradition of showing reversed flags to indicate the strength of going into battle. Second, the flags are set within a Garden Maze pattern which is probably a unique combination of quilt patterns. It would be interesting to know whether the maker had symbolic intentions...
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Hawaiian quilts are prized by collectors for their beauty and rarity. The Royal Hawaiian Flag Quilts are the most scarce. The appliqued lettering on this quilt became the motto of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1843. It translates to - the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. The eight stripes of the border represent each of the islands of Hawaii. This example was probably made in the first years of the 20th century. Some family history is available to purchaser. It has been professional...
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Super rare child-sized mannequin from France; circa 1920's or earlier. Marked "26" on the front; hand-sewn linen covered body has some minor staining; overall a wonderful decorative piece. Approximately 3 feet 10" tall on stand (can extend up to approx 4 ft 3"). Body is 21" long, waist is 23" around, hips 28". Very charming dress form!
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Edwardian handbags often range to sensible sizes and yet they're also the prettiest purses ever made -- rich with exquisite needlework and such dressmaker details as seam cording and truly luxurious linings (like the heavy champagne silk-satin you see here), plus fittings of greater refinement than in any other period. It was a very brief era, just a few years, but it set an abiding standard of quality in purses and jewelry.

I don't open the private vault often, but have decided ...
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SOLD. Circa early 1800s Beige & faded pink woven child's or doll's miser's purse ending in Silesian or Berlin Metal Work tassels and sliders. When doubled it measures a small 3.75"! The 2 sliders have 2 steel 'sequins' missing, not bad for age! Sold, no price, no info
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Textiles : Pre 1920 item #435007 (stock #648)
Fine mission runner measuring 23" across. Excellent silk needle work on ecru linen. Clean condition with only one small hole measuring 1/8" .