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This was lost in CT by the collector on or about Oct 1, 2005. The pendant brooch was acquired along with a handwrought V Necklace by and signed HAND MADE MIMI DEE STERLING. Only One! Not just a pin but a Silver Sculpture (Not plated base metal!) created by and signed as mentioned above in a USA Studio which can be worn as a brooch or a pendant made from ONE piece of silver, no cutting nor soldering! 3 1/8" X 2" and weighs 1.1 Oz or 33 Grams of precious .925 Silver. Please see scans...
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REPLY: SOLD, no price info. All take notice, this unusually oversize upper arm bangle has been reported as Lost or Stolen after signed for delivery by the building super or such person. If seen being sold anywhere please contact us immediately.
Difficult to find Art Deco Carved Ivory Bangle for Upper Arm as it measures 10" around on the Inside! "A O J E P" ? faintly seen on the inside. Shows its age with mellow yellowing yet No chips. No Price, No info.