All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Pre 1980 item #1322994 (stock #0002)
This wonderful necklace includes authentic, undyed, antique coral and turquoise bead, The turquoise beads range from 13mm to 11.5mm in diameter. The antique red coral has some holes and white trace which are commonly seen for antique Chinese natural coral. The total weight of this fantastic necklace is 71.89 gram. This vintage necklace was already re-strung, condition of this beautiful necklace is good.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Pre 1990 item #1322992 (stock #0001)
This elegant necklace includes a large, natural, antique red coral that is 38.5mm in length and 13.1mm in diameter. The huge coral piece has an amazing dark red color and has some white traces. Natural turquoise beads are 12mm in diameter, natural garnet beads are 9.5mm in diameter. This wonderful necklace has a total weight of 123.97gram. The last two pictures are taken under sunlight, other pictures are taken with indoor light. Coral of this size and quality is very hard to find nowadays.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Rings : Pre 2000 item #1316884
An exquisite 950 silver and "free form" smokey quartz ring by Brazilian jeweler Haroldo Burle Marx who was the brother of Roberto Burle Marx, also a jeweler and notable landscape architect. This ring comes in its original box and was purchased at The Altomar Collection, which was a small boutique in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. from 1982 until 1999. Currently a size 8, it is suitable for a man or woman...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1314207
Iconic sterling looping circles necklace by Newbury St. Boston jeweler John Lewis. Measuring 20" end to end , the large circle is 3/4" diameter. Weighing 11 grams, it is in fine original condition and signed with his JL crossed mark. Great fun to wear and looks very cool with any outfit.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1313672 (stock #T 1815)
All metal is sterling silver. Own the only one! Made in a USA studio this bold three piece 177 gram necklace by and stamped as: Mimi Dee - Sterling. The components consist of hand wrought hammered lucky spiritual spiral semi precious metal, a fossilized ammonite specimen and modern amulet Dzi beads totaling 177 gram or 6.2 oz as postal scale weights as follows:
Dzi beads: (7) 103 grams. Cold, smooth heavy, root beer color. vary approx 40mm x 15mm...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1311466
Fine looking sterling "Dot" bracelet by third generation jeweler Sam Patania. It measures 5 3/4" end to end plus a 1 1/4" opening and is 1 1/4" wide. Weighing 62 grams, it is in fine original condition and signed as shown. Sam continues the treasured tradition of the Patania family.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1311404
Anthony Lovato is well known and his work is represented in many publications and museum collections. This bracelet is tufa cast and set with a nice Royston mine turquoise. The bison seem to come alive, it is the only bracelet I have seen by him with buffalo on it. Excellent condition. Inner circumference is about 5 1/4" PLUS a 1 3/4" gap that can be carefully adjusted. Hallmarked by the artist.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Contemporary item #1305807
One of a kind, handmade jade, stone, and Chinese knot necklace. The cord, chain, and knots of the necklace are all made and designed by Taiwanese artist Li Chiao Upham. The necklace features an intricately carved, soft white-green jade butterfly below a coral flower. Upham also uniquely intwined a blue-green, floral piece of a Chinese antique headdress into the necklace design. Necklace length: 24". Please contact seller for questions and purchasing at:
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1302335 (stock #T 1807)
Bold hand knotted nevada lapis necklace and removable green rutilated quartz pendant both by and signed: Mimi Dee - Sterling. Both pieces were designed and constructed in a USA studio.
Necklace: 147 grams of 18mm faceted pink and green Nevada Lapis and 8mm Ruby in Zoisite beads to yield a hand knotted 20" strand.
No cable to break! Handknotting shows care, provides fluidity and safeguards against loss of beads...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Pre 1980 item #1299484 (stock #NKGTBE2)
Mudhead Gallery
Bruce Eckhardt is the artist and designer of this gorgeous one strand salmon coral and green turquoise nugget necklace with accents of 2 sugilite and one opal bead & handmade14kt gold clasp. This measures 28 1/2"L. This variety of color and shape make this a one of a kind designer necklace. Thanks for looking!
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pre 2000 item #1294122 (stock #4153J)
Stunning bolo incorporated traditional and contemporary design by award-winning Navajo silversmith Nelson Morgan. The Kachina's body is hinged to move from side to side as it is worn. Length is nearly 3 inches, width is 1.5 inches at the shoulders.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pre 2000 item #1294118 (stock #4152J)
Beautifully fabricated Kachina bolo tie by award-winning Navajo artisan Bennie Ration. Height is 3.25 inches, width is 1.75 inches. This is so sculptural and dramatic. Bolo tops have rings on the bottom but there are no drops.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pre 2000 item #1294115 (stock #4151J)
Bold coral lapidary and sterling bolo tie by award-winning Taos silversmith Ken Romero. Hand crafted, stamped geometric design with bright coral accents. Width is 2.3 inches, length is 2 inches. Condition is excellent.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1291864
This wonderful 950 silver (higher quality than sterling) necklace by Eduardo Herrera calls two mind two very different images. It looks like coral as well as the cut out designs of Henri Matisse. The links are hammered. They are 1 1/2" wide at the front and 5/8" at the back.The necklace has exactly the right amount of flexibility to make it very comfortable to wear. It is approximately 18 1/2" long; the natural curve of the necklace makes it difficult to measure precisely.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pins : Pre 2000 item #1283408 (stock #3078)

Orna Ben Ami post modernist sterling silver brooch


2" x 1 1/4"

Weight - 19.40 grams

Ben-Ami studied sculpture at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv University and has presented numerous solo exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the United States.

Marked 925

Incsribed signature

Dated 1991

Very good vintage condition

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1281883
The design of this pair of wood and silver bangle bracelets beautifully combines straight lines with silver balls. They are very solidly made with the interior of silver. They are 970 silver, more pure than the sterling standard which is 925 parts silver. The interior measures 2 5/8" x 2 3/16" fitting a medium size hand. They are priced for the pair.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1281862
Sterling silver pendant necklace with a combination of textures. The ball has a lightly scratched surface while the elongated part is made of irregular dots. The silver ring on the cord is a nice added touch. The elongated pieces can be worn side by side or separated. It is hung on a satin cord measuring 23" long that can be adjusted to any shorter length.
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1280074
Handmade cuff bracelet with sterling silver triangles alternating with ebony. It is substantially made with the wood measuring 1/4" thick. It fits a medium size wrist. The inside diameter is 2 1/4" with a 1 1/2" opening.