Stainless Steel and Wood Corkscrews, New

From a great gift to a handy tool we all need a corkscrew opener. These handsome pieces have a wooden body and their construction is sturdy. The body has a brown or a black finish. The arched form is easy to grip, so if you are opening a beer bottle or a wine bottle you will look like a pro. Pick up a few so you have one for the bar, another for picnics and one for your boat...

Unique hand blown set of 2 copper accented champagne glasses. Signed by Romanian artisan Dragos. For decorative purposes, but also functional, there is less than 10% lead in the glass, this is much less than most crystal. The copper used is of 99% purity. (Height: 10.0 inch) Go to our website for a detailed artist write up of Dragos. (
Lovely new old stock from Tiffany & Co New York Wine Coaster. It is floral repousse with decorative fish or animal handles with rings. Stands on 3 feet. Measures 8 3/8" across handles. Hallmarked 900 and Hecho Amano (Hand Made). Made for Tiffany's in Central or South America. Comes with original felt liner Tiffany & Co New York.