Royal Berlin Porcelain Service Plate, c. 1900 David Pownall Willis $105.00
German Meissen Tea Cup, Marcolini period, c. 1774-1814 David Pownall Willis $125.00
Meissen Porcelain Nodder (X149 continued) Historic District Antiques
Meissen Porcelain Nodder Historic District Antiques $10,000.00
R.S. Prussia Fine Porcelain Teacup and Saucer Historic District Antiques $150.00
Meissen 'Ring Around the Rosie' Figurine Historic District Antiques $2,500.00
Meissen Children with Fish Figurine Candlestick Historic District Antiques $950.00
German Meissen Porcelain Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 1860 David Pownall Willis $375.00
German Furstenberg Porcelain Cabinet Cup & Saucer, 1877 David Pownall Willis $950.00
Marcolini Meissen Porcelain Footed Egg Cup, c. 1780 David Pownall Willis $2,500.00
Rare German Hochst Porcelain Covered Cup, c. 1790 David Pownall Willis $1,500.00
A Very Fine Dresden Porcelain Ensemble, 19th Century The Bodhisattva Collection $1,050.00
Antique Continental Majolica Jardinière Judith Ravnitzky $250.00
Four Nymphenburg Antique Cherubs Judith Ravnitzky $995.00
Pair of Decorative Porcelain Bavarian Plates, l. 19thC SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $140.00
Continental Porcelain Bowl, 3rd Q. 19th C. SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $450.00
Four German Poppelsdorf dishes, late 19th century Global Ceramics $150.00
German pickle dishes by Max Roesler, Rodach Global Ceramics $110.00