Antique Metalwork

Antique metalwork - particularly Silver. Thousands of silver items including sterling silver, silver plate, Continental silver, coin silver and Asia trade silver for sale. Other metal decorative arts including bronze, brass, iron, pewter, gold and more are offered by hundreds of sellers.

Japanese Antique Bronze Incense Burner Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
English Horse Brass, c. 1920 David Pownall Willis $20.00
English Brass Horse Brass, c. 1920 David Pownall Willis $20.00
Early Tiffany Sterling Silver Greek Revival Gravy Boat Nelson & Nelson Antiques $875.00
Antique Gorham Chantilly Sterling Silver Berry Spoon Nelson & Nelson Antiques $115.50
Antique Tiffany Sterling Silver Fluted Conical Vase C 1893 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $770.00
JE Caldwell Medallion Sterling Silver Pierced Spoon Nelson & Nelson Antiques $280.00
Bailey & Co. Medallion Sterling Silver Soup Ladle Nelson & Nelson Antiques $696.50
Bailey & Co. Medallion Sterling Silver Stuffing Spoon Nelson & Nelson Antiques $665.00
Silver Plate Match Holder Box Seated Bear 19th Century E & M Perez $190.00
Lovely Antique Silver and Ivory Letter Opener - Scottish Interest Tilston Antiques £135.00
Nouveau Sterling Repousse Brush - Fin de Siecle Period Pieces $77.00
Antique Bronze Swans Candlesticks Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Antique American Glass and Silver Overlay Novelty Barrel Inkwell Nelson & Nelson Antiques $385.00
Antique Shiebler Sterling Silver, 14K Gold & Cut Glass Perfume Bottle Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,050.00
Gorham Coin Silver Baby Cup with Stylized Ornament C 1865 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $556.50
Large & Heavy Bailey, Banks & Biddle Sterling Silver Baby Cup Nelson & Nelson Antiques $486.50
Antique Italian Grand Tour Silver Oil Lamp by Pietro Belli C 1825 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $16,250.00