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46"x37", signed by Jane Ann Rothwell on September 15, 1877
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We are pleased to offer for your buying consideration a MAGNIFICENT ANTIQUE FRENCH VICTORIAN HAND PAINTED/CARVED BONE DECORATIVE LADY'S FAN! Whether you are a collector of antique fans, or want the PERFECT DISPLAY item to put with your antique FRENCH DOLL, you will be THRILLED with the ELABORATE PRESENTATION of this exquisite piece! The fan measures 11" high and is about 18" wide opened, and is entirely HAND PAINTED on paper with ELABORATELY CARVED bone fingers and frame! The painting is...
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This Lone Star (aka Star of Bethlehem or Texas Star) quilt is enhanced by the multiple borders and unusual Nine Patch corner blocks. Nine Patch is not a combination I recall seeing with the central star pattern. The colors are mellow and beautifully combined with just enough red to make it pop. The quilt is in unwashed condition. It is nicely quilted with combinations of diagonal lines. Measurements are 76" square. Pennsylvania origin; made 1880's.
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This Barnraising Log Cabin quilt is an American classic. It has a very nice variety of late 19th century printed fabrics. The logs are a desirable small scale. The red and green outer borders are good complements to the interior fabrics. It is well quilted with cable patterns in the borders. Mint, unwashed condition. Measurements are 80" x82": Pennsylvania origin.
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19th century Chinese textile kesi rank badge (also called mandarin square) from the back of an official’s robe. The badge dates from early to mid-19th century, and denotes the fifth civil rank symbolized by the bird on the badge - the Silver Pheasant. Numerous woven designs include sun, rocks among waves and clouds, bats in flight, fungus of Immortality, peaches, peonies, lotus flowers and other Emblems of the 8 Immortals, Buddhist Emblems and Eight Treasures...
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A painted face black women sewing emery in excellent condition. She is used to sharpen and clean needles but this one has never been used. She has great features and is wearing a red bandana. She is 1 1/2" in diameter 1/2" thick and is circa 1880-90
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Wonderful alphabet sampler on natural homespun linen embroidered with blue floss. It was stitched by Susan, W. Ruggles, born Aug. 23, 1809 age 7 years, It is in very good shape with just a little weakness in the bottom right corner. It is unframed and set on a piece of cardboard. It is not glued down. It is 9 1/2" square, is hemmed on all four sides and is all original. On the back someone has done research and found this information; Susan Willard Ruggles, August 23, 1809...
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Antique Wool Folk Art TAPESTRY Allegorical Figural Woven Embroidered AMERICAN This is an antique wool tapestry, purchased from an estate in Washington State, it is possibly American, it has a Pennsivania Dutch look. Maybe it is European made. A bit of a mystery. It is hand woven with a cotton warp, and wool weft. It was then embroidered with wool yarn. This beautiful decorative hanging, depicts four figures , three trees, one figure is holding a stag with ribbon. Man is waering a cloak...
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A Canton hand embroidered silk piano shawl with a vibrant design of large red flowers and a vine and leaf motif with multicolored smaller flowers set against a black background. The embroidery is of a superb and dense quality silk floss. On each of the four sides is a black elaborately knotted net "bridge" between the scarf and the long fringes.

This fine example is in excellent overall condition and measures 50" square with an additional 14" fringe on each side.

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A very nice 19th C. French doll hat with fancy trim in very good condition. It is missing one tiny piece of splint towards the back, see picture. It is 5" front to back and 4 1/2" side to side measuring from the edge of the brim to the edge of the brim. The inside of the crown is about 2 1/2" in diameter. A very nice example with great trim.
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A very beautiful watered silk antique Shaker needle case in very good condition with only a few age spots. It is a big size, 6" top to bottom including neck ruffle and side to side 4 1/2". The layered wool interior for holding needles and pins has never been used. This if a fine example of a 19th C Shaker needle case that was sold by the Shakers in their gift shops.
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This is a very nice antique brown checked cotton apron. The condition is good with only a few light spots and some lighter and darker areas but nothing out of the ordinary and barely noticeable. The apron is 28" across the waistband to the ties on either side, and it is 40" long. There are no rips or tears and it is sturdy enough to use. Looks great hanging on a peg rack and the fabric is nice and soft from use.
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A very nice all original homespun cotton and brown calico sewing roll. It is all hand sewn with tiny little stitches. It has four pockets and has the brown calico trim on two of the pockets and used as trim around the whole sewing roll. The only condition problem is the stain on the top left corner of the red and white calico pocket at the top. The sewing roll is 16" long by 5" wide. It has the original loop at the top for hanging. This is a very nice early sewing roll, circa 1840-60.
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Antique large sewing case with 4 hearts that fold in to make the shape of one heart. Each heart has a purpose. The first heart has two smaller pink wool hearts one on top of the other to serve as needle and pin holders, the second heart is for safety pins, the third is for floss and the fourth for needle cases. The work is exquisite. The interior is pink and green silk and the exterior is watered silk. Each heart is 4" by 4". When open and flat is it 8 1/2" square...
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This Star of Bethlehem crib quilt is a wonderful miniature of the classic starburst design. Whole and half stars perfectly surround the central star making a dense design. The fabrics are all strong and intact but there is some discoloration around the outer border. Measurements are 39 1/2" square. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.
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In nearly 40 years of specializing in antique quilts (gulp!), I have never seen one made this way. I have seen several pillows but never a quilt.It has a wonderfully sophisticated palette and the look of an eye dazzler. The embroidery is done in a stepped pattern forming diamonds. Each diamond is set in its own block. There is a subtle variation in color forming a rectangle within the overall pattern. The embroidery is done in cotton. The quilt measures 76" x 78"...
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Tilston Antiques
For sale is this amazing antique Japanese shibayama and 15 carat gold mounted handle with black silk shade. The handle is inset with mother of pearl, coral and other stones and depicts wisteria and vine tendrils with a swallow perched on one of the vines. The handle section is mounted top and bottom with hallmarked 15 carat gold mounts which have been beautifully engraved and date to 1897. There is a monogrammed cartouche to the gold section nearest the silk shade...
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Galerie Hafner
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The ground fabric is linen entirely embroidered with fruits and flowers in silk and metallic threads and some padding. Once maybe a chasuble and later modified to a dresser cover. Condition: loose and missing threads. Dimension: 94 cm x 40 cm.