Impressive 19th century gilt metal-topped treen walking stick or cane. The mushroom top with a relief mask over entwined serpent, to a tapering shaft, 33.5", (85cm) long. Condition Report; Missing ferrule.
Fine Victorian horn-handled novelty walking stick or cane. Modelled as the head of a greyhound or whippet, with glass eyes, to a metal collar and rootwood shaft, 33.5", (85cm) long. Condition Report; Later rubber ferrule. Minor losses to top edge of metal collar.
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This late 19th century ladies porcelain travelling inkwell is decorated with a band of (now faded) orange lustre, bordered top and bottom with two black bands. Above this is a band of hand painted flowers which is also featured on the top of the lid. The lid and body are connected by a gilt brass collar, with the gilding slightly worn. There is a small firing crack to the lid and a crack to the inner rim of the well. It stands 70mm high and has a diameter of 78mm. Possibly French.
Very well carved ivory erotic dress cane-Ca. 1900-Ivory crook handle depicting the intimate organ of a man, well streaked and richly colored rosewood shaft with a slender beaded silver wire ring collar and a stag horn ferrule. Size; Handle is H. 4 ¼” x 3 ¼”, overall length is 37 inches. Condition Report; Condition is consistent with age.
Impressive carved ivory Owl container cane-Ca. 1890-Well and micro carved owl perched on a book over a larger cylindrical stem, well figured malacca shaft and a stag horn ferrule. The owl shows the typical flat face with large forward-facing eyes and conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye, ear-holes with upright feathers, a hawk-like beak. It pulls out to reveal a cavity in the cylindrical stem which might have been intended for snuff tobacco or drugs. Size; Handle is H...
Finely crafted Ivory Lion Cane-Ca. 1880-L-shaped ivory handle carved in the taste of the Roman statuary with a large lion mask and Vitruvian scrolls. Malacca shaft with a metal collar and an ivory ferrule. Used but not abused, this cane boasts a powerful presence and aged well and with a uniform and glazed patina. Size; Handle is H. 6” x 4 ¾”, overall length is 34 ¼ inches.
. Warthog Ivory Figural Cane-Ca. 1900-Large warthog tooth carved with a large aquatic reptile which could be a crocodile or a varan, ebony shaft with a bound leather collar and a stag horn ferrule. The animal has an impressive head with two inset glass eyes, powerful jaws and a body with thick and scaly skin and mighty claws. Size; Handle is H. 5 ¼” x 2 ¾”, overall length is 37 ½ inches, no condition issues noted.
Impressive Silver Art Nouveau Dress Cane-Ca. 1910-Long silver handle topped by a tapering loop ending with a flower, ebony shaft and a metal ferule. The upswept petals of the flower show some traces of gilding and speak for a cyclamen, and, the floral twig with buds applied on the vertical stem hints in that direction as well. German hallmarks. Size; Handle is H. 7” x 3”, overall length 36 ¼ inches. Great condition.
Feminine Silver Dress Cane-Ca. 1890-Silver handle hand chased and engraved with various panels of different flowers, scrolls and shells on its stretching stem and with a crown of flowers on the round and flattened knob, mahogany shaft and a copper ferrule. Superb condition. Size; Handle is H. 3” x 1”, overall length 40 ½ inches.
Antique Silver Dress Cane-Ca. 1880-Long, vertical and tapering silver handle totally hand chased and engraved with scrolls, foliage and blooms, coco palm wood shaft and a brass ferrule. An exceptional size paired with a high relief and fine surface detail make of this scepter-like Anglo-Indian Kutch cane a desirable and first rate collectible. Size; Handle is H. 7 ¼” x 1”, overall length is 35 ¼ inches, no condition issues noted.
Ivory Figural Cane-Ca. 1880-Ivory knob carved to depict the head of a young girl with chubby face and long hear wearing a riding cap, plain turned metal collar, mahogany shaft and a stag horn ferrule. Delightful child portraiture and emphasized by a century old patina. Size; Handle is H. 2” x 1 ¼”, overall length is 39 ¾ inches. Condition is consistent with age.
Well crafted Ivory French Bulldog Cane-Ca. 1890-Opera shaped handle carved with a prone French Bulldog. The canine shows all the characteristics of the breed and has cut ears and tail. A slightly cartooned approach to the carving as well as two dark red eyes inset wide apart lend it charm and vivacity. The handle aged well with a smooth surface and uniform, natural patina and comes on a dark rosewood shaft with a plain silver collar and a horn ferrule. Possibly French. Size; Handle is H...
Ivory and Mother of Pearl Cane-Ca. 1900-Straight ivory handle fashioned in a flattened shape with faux sprig and applied with a cavorting Cupid among engraved floral. Ebony shaft with a metal collar and an ivory ferrule. Delicate and decorative feminine of a most likely French origin-H. 4” x ¾”, overall length is 38 ¾ inches, good condition.
Stag Snake Cake- Ca. 20th century- An expert carving of a snake entwined on a deer antler, signed sterling collar, beautiful snake-wood shaft and a 3“ stage ferrule. Size; H- 4 ¼“ x 3“. overall length is 36 inches. Condition Report; Excellent condition.
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This is a pair of antique silver Dutch salt and pepper shakers in form of a young girl and a boy statue dressed beautifully in their traditional attires. The shakers have 800 silver stamp on their feet with an overall delightful old patina and in excellent condition for their age relating to 1920s. Their feet are conveniently movable to pour salt and pepper. This lovely set of Dutch shakers has the following dimensions and weight: Girl: Approx...
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This very attractive sterling silver ink stand was made by John Grinsell & Sons of London in 1895. The hallmarks on the front of the base are slightly worn, but the marks on the other components are very crisp as can be seen in the photos below. All pieces in this inkstand are marked-the candlestick and its sconce as well as the pierced enclosures containing the ink wells and their lids...
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This is a great "Tipplers" walking stick from the late 19th Century. A nice firm example with both glass and tube, copper handle and collar, maple shaft and an iron ferrule. Used to carry ones beverage on a walk! This stick measures 36" x 1" x 1". The inside glass vile is 15". The glass topper is 2 1/2". The handle itself is 1" x 1" x 1", and the ferrule is 1" as well.
All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Walking Sticks : Pre 1920 item #1319589 (stock #mermaidsword)
This is a wonderful silver handle mermaid walking stick that pulls out to reveal a sword. Great detail and design on the mermaid. The sword is 19" long. The stick measures 34" x 3 1/2" x 1". The handle is 3" x 3 1/2" x 1". The ferrule is 1". A really unusual stick!