African Bronze Mask St.George Gallery $950.00
Antique African bronze Statue St.George Gallery $950.00
African Wood Mask St.George Gallery $750.00
Antique African Carved Wood Sculpture Figure Hundred and One Antiques $800.00
Antique African Wooden Mask Mali Hundred and One Antiques $350.00
3 Carved African Ibo Royal Figures 1920s Forteleza Antiques Inc. $1150.00
3 Carved African Royal Ibo Figures-ca 1920s Forteleza Antiques Inc. $1150.00
Pair of Antique African Carved Ivory Figures, 19th, c. Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,250.00
19th C Baule Female Wood Figure St.George Gallery $1,500.00
Ancient African Wood Hermaphrodite St.George Gallery $1,500.00
Ancient Bamana Figurative Stool St.George Gallery $1,750.00
Ancient Kuba Wood Vessel St.George Gallery $1,500.00
African Carved Figural Divining Stool--Luba Forteleza Antiques Inc. $695.00
African Colonial Helmet Mask Yoruba Carved Wood Forteleza Antiques Inc. $875.00
African Wood Statue Congo St.George Gallery $250.00
African Wood Fetish Figure St.George Gallery $200.00
An African tribal Dan Mask,early to mid 20th c. david baker oriental art $1000.00
Anye / Cote d'Ivoire Statue of Mother and Twins Griffin Gallery Ancient Art Sold