Anasazi / 4-mile polychrome bowl ca. 1325 ad. Outwest Ancient Artifacts $825.00
Hohokam / Soho red on buff shoulder olla ca. 1250 ad Outwest Ancient Artifacts $1,150.00
Anasazi / Red Mesa Large seed jar B/W "Mint" as found, No Restoration Outwest Ancient Artifacts $1,850.00
Columbia River Gem Points Ancient Artifacts E-mail for price
Salado Red Ware Bowl Mark Mlodoch World Art $85.00
Hohokam Sacaton red-on-buff ladle Mark Mlodoch World Art $400.00
Shell Necklace Arte Xibalba $275.00
Jeddito Bowl Schenck Southwest $400.00
Pinedale Polychrome Bowl Schenck Southwest $450.00
Tonto Polychrome Olla Schenck Southwest $3,200.00
Tularosa Jar Schenck Southwest $3,800.00
Large Anasazi Olla Lost World Artifacts $3,000.00
Anasazi Chaco black and white bowl Schenck Southwest $1,450.00
Tularosa Dog Head Olla Schenck Southwest $775.00
Sikyatki Polychrome Bowl Schenck Southwest $495.00
4-Mile Polychrome Bowl Schenck Southwest $1,395.00
Anasazi/ Tularosa Black on White Olla with Dog Head Lug No Restoration Outwest Ancient Artifacts $825.00
Anasazi / SnowFlake double effigy olla B/w ca. 900 ad No Restoration Outwest Ancient Artifacts $950.00