Aztec Ceramic Owl Pipe: Ex Dr. Heflin Ancient Artifacts $900.00
Aztec Ceramic Duck Pipe : Ex Dr. Heflin Ancient Artifacts $1250.00
Rare Moche Sacrificial Rite Vessel with Six Figures Apolonia Ancient Art $4,675.00
Mayan Bowl With Chief Design! Relics of the Nile $425.00
Jama-Coaque Seated Shaman with Coffee Bean Symbols Apolonia Ancient Art $1,375.00
Superb Moche Lizard Stirrup Vessel Apolonia Ancient Art $1,275.00
Ancient Vicus Ceramic Figure : Pre-Columbian Art Galleria Delvecchio $995.00
Jama Coaque Seated Shaman Precolumbian Antiquities Galleria Delvecchio $795.00
Ancient Pre-Columbian Veracruz Ceramic Vessel Hundred and One Antiques $450.00
Pre Columbian Chimu Ceramic Pottery Stirrup Vessel Hundred and One Antiques $1,500.00
Ancient Narino Ceramic Bowl Ex. Museum Artifact Galleria Delvecchio $325.00
Ancient Moche IV-V Figural Drum Vessel ; Antiquities Galleria Delvecchio $795.00
Moche IV-V Redware Portrait Vase Precolumbian Art Galleria Delvecchio $1,295.00
Inca double-chambered bridge vessel: Peru Antiquities Galleria Delvecchio $795.00
Coiled Serpent Vessel, Tairona, Colombia HD ENTERPRISES, INC. $600.00
Pre-columbian Black On Red Pedestal Bowl HD ENTERPRISES, INC. $300.00
Mochica Traveler Vessel; Huaco, Moche IV Museum Piece! Galleria Delvecchio $7,500.00
Large Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Pottery Doll Galleria Delvecchio $3,750.00