Neolithic Peruvian Grey Stone Spear point what pdx $20.00
Pre-Columbian ~ AZTEC / AZTECA ~ Stone Female FIGURE with Stand Galleria Vergès $550.00
Mayan Pre Columbian Malachite Azurite Standing Figure what pdx $685.00
Chavin Quartz Crystal Pora with Cinnabar staining what pdx $3,895.00
Sinu Necklace Arte Xibalba Pending
Maya Jaguar Pendant Arte Xibalba $500.00
Pre Columbian Sodalite Stone and Chrysocolla bead group lot what pdx $145.00
Costa Rica Pre Columbian Style Jade Avian Pendant what pdx $375.00
Sodalite Peruvian Moche style Pora what pdx $295.00
Rare Pre-Columbian Pre-Columbian Tairona 'Bullit' bead collection Senatus Consulto $550.00
Nicoya Jade Pendant Arte Xibalba $275.00
Nicoya Jade Pendant Arte Xibalba $400.00
Pre-Columbian Costa Rican Translucent Jade Bird Celt, COA, 300AD Ancient Artifacts $4000.00
Inca Votive Axe Arte Xibalba $75.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MAYAN ~ Stone AXE Galleria Vergès $350.00
Pre-Columbian ~ ECUADORIAN ~ Framed Set of 4 Stone SPINDLE WHORLS Galleria Vergès $250.00
Olmec Jade Mask Pre Columbian Mexico Ancient Art Antiquarian Art Co. Inquire
Extremely Rare Jade Mayan Nebaj Picture-Plaque 700 AD COA Ancient Artifacts $6000.00