X-Rare Moche Erotic Vessel with Seated Woman and Spirit Figure
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Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Kero Galleria Delvecchio $2,950.00
Pre-columbian Mixtec Grater Tripod Bowl Minerva Gallery $375.00
Moche Fine line stirrup vessel. DAG Trading $550.00
Exceptional Type 10 Mezcala Figure tlapacoya $950.00
Very Nice Pregnant Jalisco Figure, San Juanito Style tlapacoya $250.00
Large Colima Redware, Sitting Male Figure tlapacoya $1,750.00
Pre-Columbian ~ INCA / INKA ~ Polychrome ARIBALO Galleria Vergès $550.00
Jalisco Pottery Male Flute Playing Figure, Mexico. tlapacoya $425.00
Standing female Figure. Vera Cruz, Mexico. tlapacoya $525.00
Large Standing Soriente Figure. Remojadas, Vera Cruz tlapacoya $2,750.00
Vera Cruz Warrior. Mexico. tlapacoya $1,900.00
Pre-columbian Veracruz Seated Figure Minerva Gallery $159.00
Inca Copper Tupu DAG Trading $250.00
Moche Copper Mace Head DAG Trading $500.00
Huari of the North Monkey Vessel DAG Trading $650.00
Moche Bracelet Arte Xibalba $250.00
Pre-Columbian Terra Cotta Mask Teotihuacan Mexico tlapacoya $950.00
Pre-Columbian Articulated Figure from Teotihuacan,Mex. tlapacoya $2,300.00