Persian Amlash reddish pottery vessel, 1000 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY
Afghanistan, Bamiyan Ceramic Bowls & Saucer Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,200.00
Persian Sgraffiato Bowl, Medieval Nishapur Iran Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $7,500.00
Syrio-Hittite ceramic bottle Mark Mlodoch World Art $1,200.00
Bronze Age bowl Mark Mlodoch World Art $200.00
Achaemenid Persian terra cotta effigy vessel Mark Mlodoch World Art $700.00
Grouping of Five Parthian Pottery Vessels with Juglet Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $4,500.00
Ancient Elamite clay figure of Astarte 1350 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY
Persian pottery Astarte figure , 1200 - 700 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY $950.00
Syro-Hittite Bird Faced Goddess Astarte Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,500.00
Choice large Antique Islamic caligraphic pottery jar, c. 10-11th. AD Senatus Consulto $595.00
(Price reduced, was $950)
Pr 18thc Persian Qjar Long Neck Vases Forteleza Antiques Inc. $895.00
Sung Jarlet crackle glaze Asian Works of Art Gallery USD 300.00
Persian Iznik glazed ceramic jar GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Ancient Seal Sumerian Uruk Period Hundred and One Antiques $450.00
Ancient Ceramic Wine Cup Persian Sassanian Hundred and One Antiques $450.00
Manichaean Syriac Incantation Bowl, 5th-7th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $4200.00
Eastern Mediterranean Blue Pot, Hellenistic, 300-100 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $650.00