Syrian cylinder seal, exceptional engraving of heads! Senatus Consulto $350.00
Superb Syrian cylinder seal, exceptional engraving! Senatus Consulto $395.00
Thick Sumerian Jemdet Nasr cylinder seal in marble! Senatus Consulto $350.00
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Early Dynastic shell cylinder seal, man vs beast! Senatus Consulto $750.00
Exceptional Syrian cylinder seal - early 2nd. mill BC Senatus Consulto $575.00
Rare silver grey Hemaetite cylinder seal! Senatus Consulto $595.00
Exceptional small Lapis Lazuli cylinder seal! Senatus Consulto $695.00
Rare Mesopotamian Lapis Lazuli seal, Early Dynastic! Senatus Consulto $695.00
Huge Neo Assyrian cylinder seal in marble! Senatus Consulto $595.00
Superb Assyrian agate cylinder seal, 1200-900 BC Senatus Consulto $495.00
Massive Mesopotamian Jemdet Nasr cylinder seal! Senatus Consulto $495.00
Reduced from $600
Ancient Persian black stone seal with two Ibex, 224-642 AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY $350.00
Anatolian Marble Idol Early Bronze AgeI 2700 to 2400 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $3200.00
Anatolian Kilia Head, Early Bronze Age II, 2700-2500 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $320.00
Babylonian Lapis Lazuli cylinder seal Senatus Consulto $350.00
Superb Babylonian cylinder seal w bronze wire! Senatus Consulto $750.00
Hittite Green-glazed Stone Bead, ca. 15th-13th Cent. BC Ostracon Ancient Art $380.00
Anatolian Marble Idol, Bronze Age II-III, 3rd Mill. BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1500.00