Large Ancient Brown Glass Earring - 100 BC JJ Oriental $395.00
Ancient Natural Banded Agate Bead - 100 BC #8 JJ Oriental $275.00
Tibetan Coral Glass Necklace with Turquoise - 19 C. JJ Oriental $475.00
Turkmen Rug Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
Antique Sarinda, Wooden musical instrument from Central Asia Asian Ethnic Artifacts $250.00
Bronze Tibetan God Jambola of Wealth and Good Fortune JJ Oriental $895.00
Ancient Green Jade Earring - Southeast Asia - 1,200 BC JJ Oriental $395.00
Tibetan Lady's Purse with Silver Carvings #4 JJ Oriental $395.00
Very Fine Southwest Persian Qashqai Horse Cover Carpet The Vanishing Heavens $876.00
Rare Ancient Gold Ruby Ring 100 - 500 AD JJ Oriental $1,350.00
Ancient Gold Ring with a Golden Brown Tone Stone - 12th Century JJ Oriental $1,100.00
Ancient Pyu Solid Gold Frog Pendant 100 - 500 AD JJ Oriental $1,350.00
Eighteen Assorted Ancient Gold Pyu Beads 100 -500 AD JJ Oriental $2,500.00
Ancient Cabochon Quartz Crystal Gold Ring - 1,000 AD JJ Oriental $675.00
A Set Tibetan Traveler's Accoutrements, chop sticks and knife set Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Pending
Large Cabochon Quartz Crystal Gold Ring - 14th Century JJ Oriental $1,100.00
Rare Ancient Blue Glass Bead Necklace JJ Oriental $675.00
18th Century Sino-Tibetan Painting on Cloth of Sahasrabhuja Lokeshvara Dynasty Collections $900.00