Pair of Egg Yolk Yellow Peking Glass The Zentner Collection $3,250.00
Peking glass vase with prunus flowers. Qing, c. 1900 Dragon's Pearl Auction
Chinese Glass Ink Box Abhaya Asian Antiques Sold
Rare Chinese Five Dynasties Bottle Vase Glass, 10th Century SEBASTIAN ASIAN ART AND ANTIQUES On Request
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Brush Pot The Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Chinese Assorted Glass Bead Necklace - 1000 AD - 100 BC JJ Oriental $450.00
Chinese Tang to Ming Glass Bead Necklace JJ Oriental $575.00
Persian blue Chinese Peking Glass snuff bottle, 19th. century Senatus Consulto $1,250.00
Rare 19th C Chinese Rock Crystal Carved Snuff Bottle! Senatus Consulto $1,095.00
A persian turquoise silver mounted Chinese blue glass snuff bottle Senatus Consulto $1,150.00
19th Century Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle! Senatus Consulto $895.00
Ancient Chinese Glass Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Chinese Rare Glass Eye Bead - Warring States - 475BC - 221BC JJ Oriental $650.00
Chinese Beijing glass dish William-Cozart, Inc. $750.00
Antique Chinese Green Peking Glass Wine Cup Heirloom Estate Services $225.00
Chinese Large Assorted Color Glass Bead Necklace JJ Oriental $575.00
Rare Chinese Han Glass Bead Necklace - 206BC - 220 AD JJ Oriental $1,400.00
Old Chinese Jadeite Jade Green Peking Glass Bowl, 19th C Heirloom Estate Services $350.00