Qing Dynasty - Pair of Qilong Motif Glass Snuff Bottle EL-GALLERY Sold
18th Century Ruby Red Peking Glass Bowl - Qianlong Mark Intandane Ltd t/a 69A Sold
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Lidded Jar QIANLONG Mark Phoenix Asian Art, Inc. Sold
Chinese lavender-blue Beijing glass water pot William-Cozart, Inc. Sold
A 19th/20th C. Chinese Peking Glass Snuff bottle Asian Art Online Sold
19th C. Chinese Cobalt Blue Peking Glass Rosary Beads Asian Art Online Sold
Qing Dynasty - Emerald Green Peking Glass Bowl EL-GALLERY Sold
Eye bead Asian Works of Art Gallery Sold
A massive & rare opaque black glass figure of a buffalo Asiantiques Sold
A transparent amber glass censer incised with mark Asiantiques Sold
An opaque green glass bowl in the form of a lotus leaf Asiantiques Sold
An opaque white glass vase with a green overlay Asiantiques Sold
A small white glass jar with a five-color overlay Asiantiques Sold
A large turquoise glass bowl Asiantiques Sold
A pair of small sapphire blue glass bottle vases Asiantiques Sold
An incised transparent sapphire blue glass bowl Asiantiques Sold
A transparent sapphire blue glass jar incised with mark Asiantiques Sold
An opaque turquoise glass box and cover of ovoid form Asiantiques Sold