Chinese Ten Kingdoms Wooden Black Lacquered Plate - 10th Century JJ Oriental $475.00
Chinese Bamboo Lacquer Food Basket - 19th Century JJ Oriental $595.00
Rare Set of 6 Matching Kangxi Lac Burgaute Tea Cups, Figures in Garden Spoils of Time $6,900.00
19C Chinese Two Tone Cinnabar Lacquer Carved Tray Plaque Figure 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Lacquered Table Chest with Floral Painting - 19th Century. JJ Oriental $425.00
19th Century A Pair of Cinnabar Lacquer Vases Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $12,000.00
Chinese Lacquered Melon Tea Caddy Helen M Edwards $1,550.00
Very Rare Large Chinese Quanyin Lacquer Panel Screen - 19th Century JJ Oriental $65,000.00
Antique Chinese Mother Of Pearl Lacquer Wedding Basket Lunch Box Hundred and One Antiques $850.00
Pair Of Antique Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Vases Qing Dynasty Hundred and One Antiques $850.00
Four Chinese Republic Lacquered Wood Overlay Inlaid Figural Wall Panel Petrie-Rogers Gallery $750.00
Set of Four Panels
Rare Chinese Pair of Imperial Lacquer Storage Trunks The Zentner Collection On Request
Rare Chinese Lacquered Han Ear Cup - W.Han - 206BC - 25AD JJ Oriental On Request
Chinese Red Lacquered Leather Box - 19th Century JJ Oriental $350.00
Chinese Lacquer Table Chest - Qing 19th Century JJ Oriental On Request
Chinese Lacquer Pillow David Anthony $190.00
Chinese Lacquer Birthday Box David Anthony $1,725.00
Chinese Lacquer Box David Anthony $2,700.00