Original Chinese leather wrapped Trunk The Zentner Collection $600.00
Chinese Red Lacquered Three Tiered Box - Qing JJ Oriental $475.00
Old Chinese Carved Tixi Lacquer Round Box John L. Young Antiques, Inc. $550.00
Chinese Basket Abhaya Asian Antiques $85.00
Chinese Six Panel Lacquer Screen w/ Hardstone Inlay The Zentner Collection On Request
A rare Ming sweet meat box Mikael Jaspers €3,500.00
Shipping included
Chinese Gilded Lacquered Wooden Statue of Buddha - Ming 1368 - 1644 JJ Oriental On Request
Chinese Cinnabar Matchbox Holder Helen M Edwards $220.00
Pair Chinese Lacquer Figural Candle Pricks, 18th/19th C. Ancient East $1,495.00
An elegant wooden lacquered pot, Zhejiang- 19th. C. Mikael Jaspers €195.00
Chinese Cinnabar Round Box, 19th Century Helen M Edwards $230.00
Chinese Antique Cinnabar Vase with Children Playing The Zentner Collection On Request
Bai Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Chinese Export Chinoiserie Red Lacquer Tea Caddy Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $850.00
Chinese laquered wooden food container Mark Mlodoch World Art $150.00
Late 19C Chinese Lacquer Cinnabar Snuff Bottle Mk 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Antique Cinnabar and Black Lacquer Tray The Zentner Collection $6,500.00
Chinese Antique Cinnabar Lacquer Box with Children The Zentner Collection $2,000.00