Chinese bronze figure of Budai Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,250.00
A Very Fine Pair Of 19th Century Cast Bronze Door Pulls and Knockers The Vanishing Heavens $465.00
Chinese Bronze Scroll Weight of Two Qilins Helen M Edwards $350.00
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Chicken Bronze Incense Burner Censer Hundred and One Antiques $650.00
Chinese Copper Brass Ink Box with Chinese letters L19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $145.00
Very Lovely Chinese Paktong Writing Box with Fine Carving Dsn 19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Ancient Warring States (475BC-221BC) Chinese Bronze Sword Jian Hundred and One Antiques $1,500.00
Ancient Chinese Bronze Sword Jian Warring States (475BC-221BC) Hundred and One Antiques $2,000.00
Ancient Warring States (475BC-221BC) Chinese Jian Bronze Sword Hundred and One Antiques $2,200.00
Ancient 400 B.C Scythian Ordos China Bronze Dagger Sword Acinaces Hundred and One Antiques $4,000.00
Antique Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Buddhist Guardian Lion Foo Dog Hundred and One Antiques $4,500.00
Amusing Chinese bronze group Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,800.00
Late 19th/20th C. Chinese export silver dishes 11 pcs marked Asian Art Online $850.00
Ancient Chinese Bronze Tripod Vessel Ding - 475-221 BC JJ Oriental $2,800.00
18c Chinese pewter TEA CADDY inlaid scholar objects Dmitry Levit Asian Art $850.00
19c Chinese pewter TEA CADDY children at play Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00
Large Dramatic Pair of Incredible Ming Dynasty Bronze Elephant Vases The Zentner Collection On Request
Chinese Paitong Smoking Pipe #2 - 19th Century JJ Oriental $275.00