Tang Dynasty White Pottery Lady Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €650.00
Two Tang Dynasty Chatting Men TL tested Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €1,450.00
Han Dynasty Pottery Dog TL-tested Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €1,200.00
Northern Qi Horse and Rider TL-tested Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €2,650.00
Rare Large Chinese Neolithic Pottery Tripod - Qijia Culture Brian Page Antiques £850.00
Rare Han Amber Glazed Three Legged Mythical Beast - 25 - 250 AD JJ Oriental $675.00
Chinese Tang Sancai Glazed Young Man - 618 - 907AD JJ Oriental $575.00
Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Pottery Tomb Figures Antiquarian Art Co. $499.00
Chinese Cute Han Lady Attendent - 206BC - 220AD JJ Oriental $875.00
Large Tang dynasty pottery horse Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $12,000.00
Large Chinese Tang Sancai Glazed Tomb Guardian -618 - 907 AD JJ Oriental $16,000.00
Chinese PotteryStatue of a Han Warrior - 206BC- 220AD JJ Oriental $575.00
Fine Chinese Tang Dynasty Glazed Pottery Figure Brian Page Antiques £320.00
Han Dynasty, Rare Miniature Chinese Pottery Amphora AntiqueTica.com $1,670.00
TWO STUCCO HEADS OF BUDDHA Gandhara Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $2,900.00
Laughing Buddha Abhaya Asian Antiques $180.00
Choice Chinese Tang Dynasty terracotta funerary attendant! Senatus Consulto $295.00
Very Rare Large Chinese Tang Tomb Guardian Warrior 618 - 907 AD JJ Oriental $12,500.00