Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery SKIRT Butterfly Wrap Court Textile Westwillow Antiques $450.00
Strips of brocaded silk, Ming, ca. 1600 Mikael Jaspers €1,900.00
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Antique Chinese Pair of Embroidered Lotus Shoes for bound feet gray Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Antique Chinese embroidered silk panel carved rosewood frame Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $395.00
Antique Chinese Silk Purse with Counted Stitch Embroidery w. Bats. Galerie Hafner $480.00
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Antique Textile Chinese Silk Embroidery Ceremonial Banner Valance Westwillow Antiques $600.00
An antique Chinese child's embroidered hanging ornament Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $100.00
A pair of antique Chinese baby's slippers Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $125.00
An antique Chinese lady's drawstring purse Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $275.00
An antique Chinese military officer's rank badge Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $300.00
Lotus & pomegranates, late Ming or early Qing, 17th C. Mikael Jaspers €1,650.00
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Qing Dy Chinese woman's embroidered doodoo with money pocket Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Antique Small Chinese embroidery panel of woman riding foo dog lion Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Chinese Rug Abhaya Asian Antiques $520.00
Miao Silk Embroidered Panels Abhaya Asian Antiques $480.00
Table frontal- 19th C., excellent condition! Mikael Jaspers €1,350.00
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Chinese Embroidered Panel Abhaya Asian Antiques $100.00
Qing Dynasty Embroidered Purse Abhaya Asian Antiques $160.00