Lions & Phoenixes- 16th C. Ming Mikael Jaspers €5,500.00
Chinese ethnic minority Dong Child embroidered pinafore Asian Ethnic Artifacts $175.00
Embroidered satin Manchu's woman robe. Late Qing Dragon's Pearl $1,700.00
Chinese silk Kossu panel William-Cozart, Inc. $175.00
Woman silk headband w large kingfisher feather ornament Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Beautiful Antique Chinese Official Summer Hat Crounching Dragon Antiques $1,100.00
Bouyei Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $600.00
Gold brocaded dragons, 19th C. Mikael Jaspers €600.00
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Pair of Antique Chinese Lotus shoes Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Chinese Dong Ethnic Minority Textile Sewing Wallet Asian Ethnic Artifacts $325.00
Chinese Kesi-woven silk painting Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $255.00
Late Qing Embroidered Apron Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €95.00
A Fine Peking Carpet, North China circa 1890-1920 The Bodhisattva Collection $2,995.00
A Fine Peking Carpet, North China circa 1900-1920 The Bodhisattva Collection $2,995.00
Ethnic Minority Chinese Miao woman's embroidered vest Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Silk damast with 5-clawed dragons, ca. 1800 Mikael Jaspers €375.00
Chinese Miao Minority red silk embroidered Childs Hat Asian Ethnic Artifacts $250.00
Chinese Antique Dragon Rank Badge Style Skirt Panel Kristin R. McDonald $275.00