Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority panel from baby carrier Asian Ethnic Artifacts $375.00
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Coat The Zentner Collection $3,000.00
Qing Dynasty Chinese Mongolian Dragon Textile Asian Ethnic Artifacts On Request
Chinese silk childs hat with embroidery Shui minority Asian Ethnic Artifacts $225.00
Large Framed Qing Silk Ceremonial Collar Silk Road Gallery $1,200.00
Qing Dy Chinese Silk Embroidered Childrens Wind Hat Asian Ethnic Artifacts $175.00
Chinese Ethnic Minority Miao small embroidered purse Asian Ethnic Artifacts $225.00
Chinese Miao Baby Carrier The China Coast $250.00
A Beautiful Chinese Bed Canopy's Drapery of 19th C. Roy Hu's Asian Art $600.00
Guangxu Period Manadarin Rank Badge Embroidery Galleries $395.00
Qing Dynasty Era Manadarin Rank Badge Embroidery Galleries $395.00
Antique Chinese embroidered silk child's festival Hat Galleries $175.00
Imperial Chinese 9 Dragon Robe Couched Gold Threads Galleries Inquire
Antique Chinese Figural Silk Wedding Festival Skirt Galleries $450.00
Antique Chinese Framed Embroidery Boys at Festival Galleries $150.00
Framed Antique Chinese 5 Claw Golden Dragon Embroidery Galleries $450.00
Qing 19th Century Chinese Civil Mandarin Rank Badge Galleries $450.00
19th Century Chinese Qing Civil Mandarin Rank Badge Galleries $550.00