Two framed antique Chinese embroidered figures Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $495.00
Framed embroidered silk Set of eight immortals Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $2900.00
Antique Chinese Jifu Kossu Kesi Woven Dragon Robe Textile Kristin R. McDonald Pending
Qing Chinese Jifu Embroidered Dragon Robe Official Court Couched Gold Kristin R. McDonald $6,250.00
Antique Chinese silk embroidered sleeve panels bordered with trim Asian Ethnic Artifacts $125.00
Pair Antique Chinese Dragon Rank Badge Silk Embroidery Red Silk Westwillow Antiques $550.00
fine embroidery on silk with large peonies & butterflies. Late Qing Dragon's Pearl $300.00
A Chinese military rank badge (5th) Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $500.00
Two needle-loop and gold thread embroideris with flowers, birds etc. Dragon's Pearl $120.00
A Chinese civil rank badge(silver pheasant) Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $350.00
A Chinese Civil mandarin Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $450.00
Fine silk embroidery with crane, peonies and rock. Qing 19th cent Dragon's Pearl $250.00
Antique CHINESE Temple Wedding Ceremonial Banner VALANCE Silk Foo Dogs Westwillow Antiques $450.00
Chinese Embroidered blue silk Gauze dragons panel Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $2850.00
Silk embroidery, Chinese characters, China, 19th/20th century Welcome To Another Century $250.00
An antique Chinese lady's wedding tabard Dorothy Berry Chinese Textiles $1,600.00
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery SKIRT Butterfly Wrap Court Textile Westwillow Antiques $450.00
Strips of brocaded silk, Ming, ca. 1600 Mikael Jaspers €1,900.00
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