A Henan (Honan) Vase with Vertical Ribbing
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such a wonderful tang horse. lisagallery
A Chaofu skirt for formal court wear Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $7,500.00
Antique Chinese Cinnabar lacquer vases lamp base Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $950.00
A superbly enameled Imperial Guangxu Mark and Period Bowl EDMUND GRUNDNER Asiatica - Ethnographica €1,400.00
Amusing Chinese bronze group Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,800.00
Four Chinese miniature vases Global Ceramics $250.00
Fisher in tree, early Qianlong tea bowl Global Ceramics $120.00
Tea bowl with Peony and red bird, Yongzheng or early Qianlong Global Ceramics $100.00
Kangxi verte and café-au-lait ribbed saucer plate Global Ceramics $190.00
Miniature baluster vase, late18th century Global Ceramics $90.00
Large Chinese Tang Sancai Glazed Tomb Guardian - 618 -907 AD JJ Oriental On Request
Agate Buddha Hand Abhaya Asian Antiques $320.00
Pomegranate Famille rose cup and saucer, Qianlong period, mid18th cent Global Ceramics $180.00
Famille rose jar and cover, China, Qianlong period, mid18th century Global Ceramics $280.00
Famille rose Cornucopia cup and saucer, Qianlong Global Ceramics $180.00
Statue of Chao Kung Ming, God of Wealth, China, 19th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €250.00
Famille rose Cornucopia dishes, Qianlong Global Ceramics $180.00
Doucai bowl, Minyao / kitchen ware Global Ceramics $130.00