18th C Copper Buddha from Nepal St.George Gallery $750.00
Tibetan Gilt-bronze three headed and six-armed figure Elephant Gallery Pte Ltd. $2,800.00
Antique Tibetan portable wooden altar stand. !9th cent. Dragon's Pearl $1,200.00
A Tibetan Gahu Prayer Box Containing a Gilded Buddha The Vanishing Heavens $145.00
A Group of Three Cast Silver Seated Tibetan Buddha Images With Custom The Vanishing Heavens Please Contact for Price
17th Century Tibetan Painted Cabinet The Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Fine & complete set of Tibetan saddle carpets with lions design Dragon's Pearl $1,500.00
(Sold)Antique Tibetan headdress of beaded coral, turquoise, huge amber Oklahoma Liquidation Station $4,000.00
Tibetan Snuff Bottle, 18th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €300.00
Rare Relief of Vishnu, Nepal, Ca. 17thC. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €150.00
Shiva Lingam - A NATURAL SHIVA LINGA STONE The Vanishing Heavens
Antique Tibetan Buddhist monks script amulet Asian Ethnic Artifacts
A Very Fine Tibetan Tobacco Pipe With Outstanding Metalwork The Vanishing Heavens Please Contact for Price
A rare tsatsa image of the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisa. 19th c Dragon's Pearl $450.00
Antique Tibetan leather coin pouch Asian Ethnic Artifacts $310.00
Antique Himalayan Buddhist Tantric Clay Yab-Yum Figure. Galerie Hafner $800.00
/ shipping included
Antique, small yak leather box, leather chest. Tibet, 18/19th ccent. Dragon's Pearl $1,600.00
Fine gilt bronze portrait of Sakya hierarch. Tibet, 17th cent Dragon's Pearl $12,000.00