Unique Japanese Daimyo dolls in Samurai Komon Kamishimo Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Tall Japanese Ningyo, Geisha Doll with Fan, Meiji Heirloom Estate Services $975.00
Late Edo Period Takeda Ningyo of Benkie and Yoshitsune Japanese Art Site $3950.00
Set of Edo Period Emperor and Empress Dolls Japanese Art Site $7300.00
Band of Five Japanese Musician Dolls with Fine Details Japanese Art Site $2500.00
Antique Takeda Ningyo (doll), Kabuki Samurai Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Antique Japanese Dolls, Emperor and Retainer Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Musha Ningyo of Shoki the Demon Queller and Oni Demon Japanese Art Site $7300.00
EDO Antique Japanese MUSHA Samurai Ningyo Doll Set Japonisme Arts and Antiques On Request
An Edo Period Gosho Doll of a Seated Boy Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $295.00
Japanese L. Edo - E. Meiji Period Takeda Doll Oriental Treasure Box On Request
Japanese 19th Century Kamo Ningyo - Set of 3 Dolls Oriental Treasure Box $450.00
Japanese Antique Large Gosho-ningyo Doll The Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Pair of Table Top Gold Leaf Japanese Screen Paintings Japanese Art Site $4750.00
Unique Artistic Creation of Geisha in Mirror Box Japanese Art Site $1050.00
Published Ningyo of Japanese Court Lady and Dog Japanese Art Site $2450.00
Two Japanese Samurai dolls GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Japanese Antique Character Boy Doll The Zentner Collection On Request